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Perth Burnout Coach - Alexis Postans



EXHAUSTED TO  energised


Burnout is the unfortunate consequence of our busy modern-day lives, and just because it almost seems on-trend to reach burnout, it doesn’t mean you have to live this way.

Are you tired of feeling like you never get a break, and your to-do list is constantly growing?


Like you’re constantly hustling, but never really getting anywhere because you’ve got constant brain fog and can’t concentrate?


Do you wake up every day from an awful night’s sleep feeling immediately overwhelmed by everything ahead of you, and unsure how you’re going to make it through?

Are you ready to move beyond this place, to reclaim your time, energy and freedom and to be supported on your journey towards living a beautifully balanced life free from burnout?

We get it, life is busy. Our society lives full-throttle in the fast lane. We’re constantly tired and wired, our bodies are on the brink struggling to keep up, and we’re so focused on grinding and doing that simply “being” feels like a foreign concept.


But what if we told you that it's possible to live a life where you are fulfilled instead of frazzled, wakeful instead of wired, and thriving instead of barely surviving?

Our 1:1 coaching is designed to take you from exhausted, to energised and thriving. Together we'll go inwards and develop lifelong strategies for managing stress and living a more balanced and rewarding life. 

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Manage stress and recover from burnout using proven science-backed strategies

Reset your nervous system and repair your mind and body

Create new habits to boost your wellbeing and resilience

Develop a solid roadmap towards living a more balanced and rewarding life

Gain a greater level of control over where and how you spend your time and energy

Live life with a renewed sense of calm, clarity and vitality

Live a more balanced and rewarding life


Being fully supported to finally make sustainable changes that will positively impact the way you live life

Reconnecting with yourself and creating space for deep healing

Feeling energised, clear and motivated

Changing your stress response so you can move through challenging situations with calm and ease

Waking up every day feeling refreshed with a clear mind, renewed focus, and a zest for life

I first met Alexis when I was at rock bottom battling addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I was struggling to find a therapist that had the expertise in all of these areas, as well as empathy and genuine compassion for clients. I can sincerely say I have not met anyone like Alexis who is so knowledgeable, understanding, and passionate about helping others.

After working one on one and in a group setting, I gained the tools and daily practises to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Words are too thin to verbalise the appreciation and admiration I have for Alexis. Thanks to her ongoing support today I am over two years clean and sober; I am working and studying in the field of my interest and my life has completely evolved for the better.


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Giving You The Tools to thrive

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  • How does it work?
    Our coaching is tailored to each individual person and dependant upon their needs and the results they're seeking. This will then allow us to develop a personalised plan to support you through the coaching journey and beyond.
  • When will I see changes?
    This is a great question, and the answer will vary for everyone. Coaching requires motivation, commitment and consistent action to achieve the level of wellbeing and lifestyle balance you desire. You absolutely CAN recover from a state of chronic stress and burnout, and change will happen as soon as you start integrating the tools learned in through your coaching into your daily life. What you get out of our coaching will reflect what you put into it, and how determined you are to change. And don’t worry – you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting! We’re here to support you and will be right by your side every step of the journey.
  • How do I know if this coaching is right for me?
    This program is for those who are highly motivated and committed to making change in their lives. If you know in your heart that something needs to shift in your life, and you’re READY to receive support to feel your best – physically, mentally and emotionally - then this is absolutely the right program for you. The ones who get the most from this program are those who understand there is no such thing as a quick fix, and prepared to put in the work and use the tools provided to get lasting results and truly change their lives and their wellbeing.
  • How will I know if we will work well together?
    The best way to find out is to book a 15-minute Discovery Call. During this time you’ll get to connect directly with Alexis to chat through your individual situation and see how our coaching can benefit you.
  • What if I don't have much time?
    We get it – you’re already pressed for time and even just the thought of trying to find more time is stressing you out…While there’s no quick fix, coaching with us has the power to transform your mood, energy and lifestyle in as little as a few weeks - but you need to be ready to properly invest time in yourself if you want to see results. That said, we are quite flexible in the way that we work and are able to respond to your unique situation and needs to ensure things are manageable.
  • What is the investment?
    Your investment is $240 per 60 minute session. If you would like to book in or ask any questions, book a chat and we can talk through your situation.


Our Story


Total Life Wellbeing was founded by Alexis Postans, a highly experienced therapist and a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has worked in mental health, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, youth residential care, child protection, and has extensive experience working with people affected by trauma.


A mum of two, Alexis also deeply understands the ups and downs of every day life and managing wellbeing habits amidst chaos and unpredictability.


Living in a burnt-out state day after day, week after week is not living. If you’re over feeling tired before the day has even begun, over dealing with constant brain fog, over making mistakes because you can’t concentrate, and over having zero zest left for the fun stuff, we're here to help. We'll support you to heal from stress, end the burnout cycle, and get back to life with a genuine excitement for what each day has to offer.

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