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7 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing NOW

(and avoid burnout!)

Stress shows up differently in each of us. Tight shoulders, tension in your jaw, racing thoughts, feeling irritable or down, finding it hard to relax or fall asleep… Which ones do you recognise?

Knowing your own “stress signals” is key to improving your wellbeing and preventing burnout.

With this awareness, we’re in a position to create change! If you’re feeling the pinch and starting to notice the signs of stress showing up in your life, you have an opportunity to do something different and move towards balance and wellbeing again.

Wellbeing Tips to Avoid Burnout

Interestingly (but perhaps not surprisingly), the very things that contribute to our health and wellbeing overlap with the things that prevent burnout. In this blog I share some of the best ways I know to protect yourself from the negative effects of stress and boost your overall wellbeing. These are:

Let's dive into each in a little more detail...


Research highlights insufficient and poor quality sleep as key factors in nearly all cases of severe burnout. Sleep is a big part of physical and mental health! Do what you can to get good enough good quality z’s. Other basics include daily movement, relaxation, hydration and nutrient-dense food. When we’re running on empty, it is SO important to cover these first.


Where possible, leave work at work. If we’re checking emails after hours and taking phone calls on weekends, we’re not allowing ourselves the necessary time to actually switch off and create separation from work. This is what’s needed to fully recharge so we can do it all again tomorrow or next week.

Boundaries also include people and conversations. Notice who and what drains your energy, and create distance when you need to.


The maximum amount of time we can sustain focused attention is 90 minutes. Working in 90-minute cycles and taking breaks at regular intervals will do wonders for your energy levels and is shown to increase productivity.

Want even more of an energy boost? Take your break outside in nature! Soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the beautiful natural world around you.

Ways to improve wellbeing now


When we’re stressed it’s only natural that we find ourselves withdrawing from socialising. However spending time with the right people can be a great way to offload, relax and reconnect.

Who are the people you feel your best around? Reach out to them, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Be specific about what you need. The people who love you are better able to support you when you communicate your needs clearly.


Making time for what we value the most is what contributes to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. Schedule time for fun, rest, play and joy, and reduce any unnecessary commitments. Taking regular mini-breaks are essential! The annual 6-week holiday isn’t enough to keep us motivated and excited. We need things to look forward to, and an overnight trip or weekend getaway often ticks that box.


It’s hard to know what we need when we’re constantly “on” and focused on the outer world. When we take time out to self-reflect and tune into our inner world, we’re way better at attuning to our needs, goals and values. Give journaling and meditation a go if you want to quiet the mind and discover what needs your attention.


Do you know why you were put on this planet? What's your bigger why, or your reason for being? When we’re connected to our purpose, we have an anchor to ground us and help navigate stressful or uncertain times. If you struggle to know what your purpose is, give journaling a go. Think about what fulfils you, what gives your life meaning, and what mark you’d like to leave on the world. Yep, these are big questions! Trust me though, they’re worth exploring.

On a personal note…

I’ve recently started my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, so this topic is up for me right now too. The daily juggle of kids, business and study means that I need to be super conscious of how I’m spending my energy and how I’m feeling. When I notice stress start to creep in, I do what I need to do to curb it. The more stressed I feel, the more time I know I need to spend on R&R.

How are you traveling right now, friend? Where are you on the scale of stress - low, moderate, high? We see busyness as the norm and take stressful living as a given, but I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be that way. You deserve to FEEL GOOD! Energised, relaxed and excited for life.

Here’s my advice if you know that stress is getting your way: start where you are. Don’t let the journey back to wellbeing overwhelm you. Pick one of these tips, and try it out for a week. What shifts do you notice? How are your energy levels and mood different to what they were last week? Journal about the changes you see, and feel free to share them with me!

To your health, happiness and vibrant wellbeing,


P.S. Improving our wellbeing also means taking a look at the environments where we spend the majority of our time and ensuring they're promoting positive mental health. Your workplace is one of those places.

If you feel your workplace could benefit from adopting a more effective culture of wellbeing, check out my Workplace Wellbeing program. It's a holistic on-site employee wellbeing program designed to help employees manage stress more effectively, handle challenges with ease and find more fulfilment in their work.


Image by Jeremy Bishop
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Alexis Postans


Alexis Postans is a highly experienced therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and the founder of Total Life Wellbeing. 


She is currently undertaking her third degree in Psychology and has worked in a variety of settings including mental health policy, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, youth residential care, child protection, youth justice, adventure therapy and delivering wellbeing programs in schools.


Alexis is a skilled and experienced group facilitator and is passionate about improving the wellbeing of individuals, workplaces and society.


Aside from study and business, she can be found playing with her two young kids or enjoying a glorious WA sunset over the beach!

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