Are You Ready To Embrace A New Way Of Being?

Learn new habits to manage stress, prevent burnout and improve wellbeing.

Are You Ready To Embrace A New Way Of Being?

Learn new habits to manage stress, prevent burnout and improve wellbeing.

About Us

Who We Are

We help individuals and organisations to achieve improved wellbeing and resilience by teaching practical skills to manage stress and prevent burnout. We combine gentle movement and mindfulness with evidence-based tools for flourishing.

This integrated model of wellbeing delivers effective and lasting results for our clients. We offer individual and group coaching, workplace wellbeing programs, and retreats and workshops .

What We Do

Our Main Services

Retreats and Workshops

+ All-inclusive, fully-catered wellbeing retreats and workshops
+ Mindbody relaxation techniques to regulate the nervous system
+ Understanding of emotions, triggers and how to adapt the stress response
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Workplace Wellbeing

+ A 6-module employee wellbeing program to prevent burnout
+ Stress management and burnout prevention strategies
+ Positive psychology tools to boost wellbeing and resilience
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Wellness Coaching

+ 1:1 mentoring and coaching for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, stress or burnout

+ Available through our Holistic Therapy sessions or Rapid Reset Program

+ Personalised support and accountability

+ Designed to help you create a more balanced and fulfilling life
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Total Life Wellbeing

We Can Help You To:

Improve Your Mindset

Feel More Connected

Reduce Stress

Boost Mood & Energy

Enhance Wellbeing

A Powerful Model For Change

How you will benefit


Gentle yoga to release physical tension and deeply relax your body.


Mindfulness meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase calm and focus.


Group activities to challenge your thought patterns, shift your focus and increase motivation.

Best Moments

Total Life Gallery

As little as four sessions of mindfulness meditation can reduce anxiety and help you adapt better to stress

Mindfulness-centered hatha yoga can reduce stress and anxiety in just three sessions

Numerous studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness can help deal with stress, anxiety and depression

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    What They Say

    Terri Scott


    The recent Rapid Reset Women’s Wellbeing Retreat I attended with Alexis was absolutely amazing. She is a skilled therapist and facilitator who held space so intentionally. The weekend was a profound and healing experience.

    Ross Smith


    Alexis created and hosted a great afternoon of healing, sharing, nutrition, and restoration. It was professionally run in a beautiful environment. It was also nice to have quite a few guys in attendance. The food was amazing. I had some personal healing occur through the session which indicated to me the intention of the afternoon was clear and on purpose. I am very grateful for the experience and opportunity to also share and learn from each other. At completion we all seemed to be restored and content. Thank You! 😊

    Jared Silver


    From the moment I entered the studio there was calm in the air. The workshop Alexis has created is a great antidote to the chaos of life in the 21st century, I found it a great way to reduce stress and anxiety! I really appreciated the approach to restoring life's balance through discussion as well as meditating. Will definitely be back for more

    Alex Draper


    Nurturing, rejuvenating, connected. I took two friends to this workshop recently, we didn't know what to expect and it was exactly what we all needed. We each got something different from it and came out feeling completely different to how we walked in. Alexis is a relatable and highly skilled psychologist, meditation and yoga practitioner that creates the safest environment to just be. Highly recommend.

    Tiarna Zell


    Alexis from total life created a magical space to explore yoga and mindfulness. A perfect way to lower stress levels and develop coping skills.

    Nick Jordan


    I went along to Total Life just to give it a try and found a really refreshing and innovative approach to wellness. Way more than just yoga classes, TL offer a three-way approach to self-care that includes psychology and mindfulness to ensure an all over approach to your lifestyle. Friendly, expert and inclusive with a unique touch , I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Definitely a fan!

    Charles Pambou


    Had a great time in a relaxed cool calm environment. The session was conducted very well feeling great after and definitely something I can use and take with me in my everyday life. Thank you!

    Petina McDonald


    A really worthwhile program taking in to account a well rounded approach to health and wellbeing. A lovely activity to help you set yourself up mentally and physically for a mindful and successful week ahead.