Wellbeing Workshops

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed more often than not? You’re not alone.
Stress and burnout have reached epic proportions in our society. Research shows that a third of corporate Australia is feeling this way, and most Australians report that stress impacts their physical and mental health. Unfortunately, very few people seek professional help.
We can heal from chronic stress and burnout by learning effective strategies to self-regulate and calm the nervous system. By learning proven coping strategies and prioritising mind-body relaxation and self-care, we create lifelong habits for health and wellbeing.
Total Life Wellbeing is a boutique health and wellbeing business that helps individuals and organisations to achieve improved wellbeing and resilience. We teach people skills to move from “survive” to “thrive” by combining gentle movement and mindfulness with evidence-based tools for flourishing. This integrated model of wellbeing delivers powerful results for our clients. We offer workplace wellbeing programs, individual and group coaching, and workshops for young people.
How you feel matters. If you’d like to learn new skills to feel better and get more out of life, contact us today!

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