At Total Life we aim to nurture the body, mind and spirit through our integrated wellbeing model which combines gentle movement and mindfulness with psychological tools for flourishing.

We deliver wellbeing workshops that can be tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations, where we give you strategies to reduce stress and enhance your overall wellbeing. We are able to facilitate these both on and off-site from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to the Byron Bay region.

You can just turn up on the day, as we provide everything you’ll need.

Layout of the day:

Our 3M wellbeing model includes:

  • Movement: Gentle movement and stretching for restoration and relaxation – nothing advanced here!
  • Meditation: Guided mindfulness meditation for inner calm – that place of stillness and peace within you.
  • Mindset: Group activities to challenge your thought patterns, shift your focus and increase motivation.

How you will benefit:

  • You’ll be guided to find the calm stillness within
  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • You’ll leave with a new way to experience happiness and health in your life

Why we are different:

  • Our 3 in 1 model of wellbeing is designed to nurture your body, mind and spirit – for total life wellbeing.
  • Time and cost savings – you don’t have to go to three different professionals to access these services.
  • The activities we guide you through are easy to follow and can be tailored to meet your needs.
The design of our program is informed by current best practice guidelines and evidence-based research.
Feel free to email us to find out more.