The Total Life Story

The concept of Total Life was 10 years in the making. I’ve always been passionate about wellness and balance, though it has taken some time for me to understand what that means in my own life.

I loved learning about the mind-body connection and its important role in maintaining health and wellbeing. I had lots of ideas for a business in this area, but no clear plan or direction for what I wanted to create.

Mount Cooroora

I journaled, drew and scribbled down ideas over the years. In a moment of inspiration, I would feel waves of joy and excitement and find myself daydreaming about a future that seemed like another reality. I visualised what life could look like with more freedom, creativity and balance, and how I could help others in a way that was also nourishing for me. Then I’d close my “ideas book” and get back to whatever I’d been doing.

I really do believe that every time this happened, seeing in detail the future I wanted to create, I dreamed it real. It was a fun process: positive emotion paired with visualisation and a firm belief that I’d get there in the end. Even though the ideas took a while to take form, I could feel what it would be like to one day live and work in a new way.

​In 2017 I drove up to Pomona on the Sunshine Coast for a 10-day silent retreat. During this life-changing experience away from all distractions and the usual pressures of life, the ideas and dreams of my future crystallised. Every morning at 4am as we woke to begin meditation in the hall, I’d pause and gaze at Mt Cooroora lit up by the moon. The triangle shape of this mountain was symbolic: as the most stable structure it represents strength, balance and wholeness. At some point in the retreat I decided that I would create a business and focus on the 3 modalities that had been most helpful to me in my own life: yoga, psychology and mindfulness. I finally understood from a place of experience that balance of the body, mind and spirit is essential to maintaining a state of wellness.

And so Total Life Wellbeing was born.

Would you like to lower stress and create healthier balance in your life?