Alexis Postans

– BSc Psych, Grad Dip Psych Science
– Registered Yoga Teacher
– Meditation Practitioner

I’ve always had an interest in health and people, so psychology seemed like a good fit for a career choice. After finishing my studies in 2011 I worked my way through various jobs in mental health, youth residential care, child protection, youth justice, and drug alcohol rehabilitation.

After several years of working on the frontline and being exposed to a fair amount of trauma, I experienced burnout. Exhausted on every level, I was emotionally, mentally and physically depleted. I decided it was time to change the way I was living my life, and finally prioritise looking after me.

I spent a lot of time and money trying to find a solution to my health problems and outsourcing help from others. I saw a naturopath, doctor, herbalist, masseur, therapist, acupuncturist, and several other healers.

At the height of burnout, I decided to take time off work and embark on a journey of total stillness: a 10-day silent meditation retreat. This provided the gateway to healing and was the catalyst for major changes in my life. For the first time in a long time, I gave myself permission to stop doing, and just be. My fears about what would happen if I were to totally slow down and ‘press pause’ on my life started to fade as my mind, body and spirit began to repair.

There were 3 key elements of my recovery from burnout:
  • Yoga
  • Psychology
  • Mindfulness

Through my yoga practice, I learned to slow down and breathe. To be at home in my body.

By using psychological tools, I was able to shift my mindset and create healthier habits.In practising mindfulness, I grew calm and still. More aware and accepting of reality.

I began to experience life in a new way. There was more fluidity, and less resistance. I was able to let go, receive and grow. I became more reflective, and less reactive.

My own journey of self-healing inspired me to create an integrated model of wellbeing in which I could combine these tools and share with others what has helped me.

I know how important self-care is, and what can happen if we don’t put our wellbeing first. We can prevent stress and burnout, or intervene early, instead of waiting for a health crisis to happen before we take action. We can choose to live in a way that promotes healing, wellbeing, and flourishing.

In my current role as a therapist at an addictions rehab, I see the benefit of psychology in helping people to learn skills to manage their emotions, accept themselves and their pasts, build resilience, and slowly move from addiction to recovery. I’m passionate about working with people’s strengths and helping them to identify what is most valuable in their lives. I’m inspired to witness the change in people as they courageously move forward with their lives and create a hopeful future for themselves.

In my previous role teaching yoga and self-regulation skills at a youth detention centre and several schools, I witnessed the powerful effects of mindfulness and yoga in helping young people to focus their minds and relax their bodies. Over time they were able to find a calm stillness within – even if just for a moment at a time.

In both my personal and professional life, I know the benefits of yoga, psychology and mindfulness to be true. My goal through Total Life Wellbeing is to empower others to create positive changes and find balance in their own lives.

Please reach out if you would like to work with me individually or come along to one of my regular workshops in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron area.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!
– Alexis (Founder)